About the CEDA Data Catalogue


The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis’s (CEDA) data catalogue is designed to help users find, access and understand environmental data covering climate change, atmospheric dynamics, atmospheric composition, earth observation, remote sensing and near-earth Enironments. The catalogue covers data from the CEDA Archives and also the SPARC data centre archives. This catalogue is structured to allow users not only to find data they are interested in, but also related, relevant data and information.

This replaces our earlier catalogue which was connected to our archive at a much broader scale. Our new ISO-standard catalogue provides finer detail about the data in our archives as well as the larger collections related to projects, instruments, models etc.

The introduction page explains key concepts to understand how to use and navigate the catalogue. New users are encouraged to start there.

The search function will find records matching your search term based on fields such as titles, abstracts and keywords. Dataset Collections describe collections of Datasets which have connections to the data in the archive. Project, Instrument and Platform records give background information and can be used to find data related to these records. Search results can easily be further filtered by record type.

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The latest version of the CEDA Metadata Catalogue has been built using CEDA's "MOLES 3.4" metadata model which is built on the series of ISO19100 standards. For further details of MOLES3.4 please contact us.

Further Information

For further informaiton regarding the underlying technology driving this catalogue, the MOLES3.4 model or the catalogue contents please feel free to contact CEDA.

Version history

Version 1: Released in December 2014. Version 1 was an early release focussed on completing migration from the previous catalogue.

Version 2: Released on 7th July 2015. Version 2 included a minor overhaul of the catalogue interface in response to feedback from our user community. Please keep telling what works and what doesn't so that we can make this tool as useful as possible.

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