Version 2 of the CEDA Data Catalogue

Version 2 of our Catalogue database and user interface was released on Tuesday 7th July 2015. This page describes the main changes included in that updated version.

  • Added a "doiPublicationTime" to Dataset and Dataset Collection classes - ready for capturing DOI information.
  • Hid Dataset property "Latest Data Update" from user view because it is not meaningful at present.
  • Long abstracts are now constrained within scrolling box so that other information is also visible on a single page.
  • Code improved to ensure that logos are displayed whenever they exist in the record details.
  • Removed "Help" button from tab headers.
  • Added tabbed section to main user views. This allows more information to be accessible from a record displayed on a single page.
  • Added a "Process" tab to the Dataset user view. This highlights how the data was generated using the Computation, Acquisition and Composite Process classes. Most of the information from those classes is now elevated into the Dataset view to reduce the number of clicks required.
  • Information about Parties (People and Institutions) has been simplified and ordered on the right-hand panel. These now link to pages that list all the Projects, Dataset Collections, Datasets, Instruments, Platforms and Computations the party is associated with.
  • Renamed "CEDA Metadata Catalogue" to "CEDA Data Catalogue".
  • Improved rendering of links for consistency. These should now all be blue and glow even more blue when hovered over.
  • New ranking introduced for search responses: Each term in the phrase is searched for in the title, abstract, keywords and abbreviation of each record. The highest scoring record will listed first in the search response. If a single word is searched for then an exact match on that will score highest. If a search is expressed in speech marks then an exact match for the entire phrase will score highest.
  • An "Open Data" image was added to draw attention to datasets that do not require registration.
  • Expanded text input area size in administrator interface for Title and Abstract properties.
  • Expanded the size of the Result:Volume property so that it can be more than 1600000000 bytes. It is now a large integer rather than an integer.
  • Enable search by UUID in search box: If you paste the UUID into the search box it will now directly return the relevant record.
  • Added "keywords" property to all the main record classes.
  • Changed the "location" property of the Platform class from a string to a Geographical Bounding Box. Implemented a map in the user view where this is defined.
  • Implemented colour coding in views: the record views and search responses indicate which record type is presented by using a consistent colour for each.
  • Improved search capabilities. You can search the CEDA Catalogue in a number of ways. By selecting the "Find data related to" option your search will always respond with a list of Datasets. You can also search for information about each of the above records by selecting the "Find information about" option. When doing so your search will respond with a list of the record types specified. In either case you can choose to search a variety of record types: Datasets, Projects, Dataset Collections, Instruments, Platforms and Computations. The default search selects Datasets.
  • Changed front page: it is now a simple search box with minimal text.
  • Added version update information linked through the "Read about our catalogue" link on the front page.
  • Changed record header layout of all user views: it should now be more intuitive with the title on the top left.
  • Improved search responses: big buttons now make it easier for the user to navigate to where she wants to go via less mouse clicks.
  • Created a GET DATA button: this is now displayed on the search response and record pages (if Datasets are being interrogated).
  • Added full titles of Datasets in Collections: previously we truncated titles making them hard to decipher. This has been fixed.
  • Renamed "Additional Information" to "Details" in all views.
  • Changed the right-hand "Related Parties" listings to simply show separate lists as follows: PIs, Co-Is, Authors, Operators, Publishers and Funders.
  • Added "Advanced Search" page: It is much like the front page but includes more options and guidance.
  • Updated the database schema so that the UUID must always be unique.
  • Added "Computation (model)" to list of options in search at top/front page.
  • Aligned the right-hand header content with the main right-hand panel.
  • Improved wording of "Access Rules" in Dataset view.
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