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APPRIASE - ADIENT (Appraising the Direct Impacts of aErosol oN climaTe) project
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The ADIENT (Appraising the Direct Impacts of aErosol oN climaTe) project aims to provide information and understanding of the properties and processes that determine aerosol radiative properties and impact on a range of scales from close to source, through plume and to regional scales. The aim of the aircraft work is to provide quality controlled in-situ measurements for the ADIENT project concerning UK and EU anthropogenic aerosol composition, microphysics and radiative properties and radiative impact.

The ADIENT project is part of the APPRAISE (Aerosol Properties, PRocesses And Influences on the Earth's climate) thematic programme of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). Its aim is to understand and quantify how aerosols affect the Earth's radiation budget, by scattering and/or absorbing radiation, influence clouds, and hence indirectly affect climate and the hydrological cycle, and contribute to feedback processes between land, the biosphere and climate.

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Manchester: Aerosol Mass Spectrometer : b333, b334, b335, b355, b356, b357, b362,b363, b364,b365, b366, b367, b368, b369, b370, b371, b372, b373, b374, b379, b380, b401,b402,b406

Manchester:Single Particle Soot Photometer : b355, b356, b357.

Data have also been collected for the project by the Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR)on the Envisat satellite, and by the Along Track Scanning Radiometer, Version 2 (ATSR 2) on the European Remote Sensing satellite 2 (ERS-2).

Keywords:  adient, appraise
APPRAISE ADIENT: Atmospheric FAAM and GlobAEROSOL data
adient appraise
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