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FAAM B371 ADIENT and EUCAARI flight: Airborne atmospheric measurements from core and non-core instrument suites on board the BAE-146 aircraft
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Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2014-07-14
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Airborne atmospheric measurements from core and non-core instrument suites data on board the FAAM BAE-146 aircraft collected for ADIENT (Appraising the Direct Impacts of aErosol oN climaTe) project, Part of the APPRAISE (Aerosol Properties, PRocesses And Influences on the Earth's climate) Program and EUCAARI-LONGREX (European Integrated Project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions).

Citable as:  Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements; Natural Environment Research Council; Met Office (2014): FAAM B371 ADIENT and EUCAARI flight: Airborne atmospheric measurements from core and non-core instrument suites on board the BAE-146 aircraft. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation. http://catalogue.ceda.ac.uk/uuid/92d9a6df83974fd99692131a0a395871
Keywords:  ADIENT, EUCAARI, FAAM, airborne, atmospheric measurments
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Data lineage:

Data were collected by instrument scientists during the flight before preparation and delivery for archiving at the NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre.

Data Quality:
Data collected by flight participants before preparation for archival with the British Atmospheric Data Centre
File Format:
Data are netCDF and NASA-Ames formatted. Ancillary files may be plain ASCII or PDF formatted. Image files may be PNG formatted.
2DC_CH00 * (PARA1401) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH01 * (PARA1402) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH02 * (PARA1403) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH03 * (PARA1404) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH04 * (PARA1405) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH05 * (PARA1406) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH06 * (PARA1407) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH07 * (PARA1408) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH08 * (PARA1409) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH09 * (PARA1410) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH10 * (PARA1411) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH11 * (PARA1412) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH12 * (PARA1413) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH13 * (PARA1414) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH14 * (PARA1415) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH15 * (PARA1416) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH16 * (PARA1417) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH17 * (PARA1418) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH18 * (PARA1419) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH19 * (PARA1420) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH20 * (PARA1421) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH21 * (PARA1422) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH22 * (PARA1423) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH23 * (PARA1424) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH24 * (PARA1425) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH25 * (PARA1426) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH26 * (PARA1427) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH27 * (PARA1428) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH28 * (PARA1429) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH29 * (PARA1430) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH30 * (PARA1431) [cm-3]  
2DC_CH31 * (PARA1432) [cm-3]  
2DC_CONC * (PARA1301) [m-3]  
2DC_LWC * (PARA1302) [gram m-3]  
2DP_CH00 * (PARA1501) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH01 * (PARA1502) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH02 * (PARA1503) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH03 * (PARA1504) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH04 * (PARA1505) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH05 * (PARA1506) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH06 * (PARA1507) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH07 * (PARA1508) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH08 * (PARA1509) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH09 * (PARA1510) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH10 * (PARA1511) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH11 * (PARA1512) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH12 * (PARA1513) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH13 * (PARA1514) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH14 * (PARA1515) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH15 * (PARA1516) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH16 * (PARA1517) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH17 * (PARA1518) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH18 * (PARA1519) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH19 * (PARA1520) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH20 * (PARA1521) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH21 * (PARA1522) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH22 * (PARA1523) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH23 * (PARA1524) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH24 * (PARA1525) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH25 * (PARA1526) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH26 * (PARA1527) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH27 * (PARA1528) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH28 * (PARA1529) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH29 * (PARA1530) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH30 * (PARA1531) [cm-3]  
2DP_CH31 * (PARA1532) [cm-3]  
2DP_CONC * (PARA1311) [m-3]  
2DP_LWC * (PARA1312) [gram m-3]  
PCASPCON * (PARA1550) [cm-3]  
PCASPMAS * (PARA1551) [milligr...]  
PCASP_00 * (PARA1560) [cm-3]  
PCASP_01 * (PARA1561) [cm-3]  
PCASP_02 * (PARA1562) [cm-3]  
PCASP_03 * (PARA1563) [cm-3]  
PCASP_04 * (PARA1564) [cm-3]  
PCASP_05 * (PARA1565) [cm-3]  
PCASP_06 * (PARA1566) [cm-3]  
PCASP_07 * (PARA1567) [cm-3]  
PCASP_08 * (PARA1568) [cm-3]  
PCASP_09 * (PARA1569) [cm-3]  
PCASP_10 * (PARA1570) [cm-3]  
PCASP_11 * (PARA1571) [cm-3]  
PCASP_12 * (PARA1572) [cm-3]  
PCASP_13 * (PARA1573) [cm-3]  
PCASP_14 * (PARA1574) [cm-3]  
air_pressure (PS_RVSM) [hPa]  
air_temperature (TAT_DI_R) [degK]  
air_temperature (TAT_ND_R) [degK]  
altitude (PALT_RVS) [m]  
altitude (ALT_GIN) [m]  
brightness_temperature (BTHEIM_C) [degK]  
brightness_temperature (BTHEIM_U) [degK]  
dew_point_temperature (TWC_TDEW) [K]  
dew_point_temperature (TDEW_GE) [degK]  
downwelling_longwave_flux_in_air (IR_DN_C) [W m-2]  
downwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air (SW_DN_C) [W m-2]  
eastward_wind (U_C) [m s-1]  
height (HGT_RADR) [m]  
lsh_nir (nir) [W m-2 m...]  
lsh_nirflag (nirflag) [dimensi...]  
lsh_nirint (nirint) [ms]  
lsh_nirtime (nirtime) [seconds...]  
lsh_nirwv (nirwv) [nm]  
lsh_vis (vis) [W m-2 m...]  
lsh_visflag (visflag) [dimensi...]  
lsh_visint (visint) [ms]  
lsh_vistime (vistime) [seconds...]  
lsh_viswv (viswv) [nm]  
mole_fraction_of_nitrogen_dioxide_in_air (NO2_TECO) [ppb]  
mole_fraction_of_nitrogen_monoxide_in_ai (NO_TECO) [ppb]  
mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (O3_TECO) [ppb]  
northward_wind (V_C) [m s-1]  
platform_pitch_angle (PTCH_GIN) [degree]  
platform_pitch_rate (ROLR_GIN) [degree s-1]  
platform_roll_angle (ROLL_GIN) [degree]  
platform_roll_rate (PITR_GIN) [degree s-1]  
platform_speed_wrt_air (TAS_RVSM) [m s-1]  
platform_speed_wrt_ground (GSPD_GIN) [m s-1]  
platform_yaw_angle (HDG_GIN) [degree]  
platform_yaw_rate (HDGR_GIN) [degree s-1]  
upward_air_velocity (W_C) [m s-1]  
upwelling_longwave_flux_in_air (IR_UP_C) [W m-2]  
upwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air (SW_UP_C) [W m-2]  
ush_nir (nir) [W m-2 m...]  
ush_nirflag (nirflag) [dimensi...]  
ush_nirint (nirint) [ms]  
ush_nirtime (nirtime) [seconds...]  
ush_nirwv (nirwv) [nm]  
ush_vis (vis) [W m-2 m...]  
ush_visflag (visflag) [dimensi...]  
ush_visint (visint) [ms]  
ush_vistime (vistime) [seconds...]  
ush_viswv (viswv) [nm]  
latitude (LAT_GIN) [degree_...]  
longitude (LON_GIN) [degree_...]  
time (Time)  
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Temporal Range
Geographic Extent

11.2363°     17.1491°
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