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Gridded Global Surface Ozone Metrics data (1971-2015) for Atmospheric Chemistry Model Evaluation - version 2.7
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Status: Completed
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Publication State: Citable
Publication Date: 2015-12-21
DOI Publication Date: 2016-02-02
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This dataset consists of version 2.7 gridded surface ozone metrics for atmospheric chemistry model evaluation. These data have global coverage on both monthly and annual timescales from 1971-2015. Multiple model resolutions were used and can be easily identified within the filename.

Data are stored as NetCDF-4 files, with one file per model resolution at each time resolution. The files hold gridded surface ozone data from multiple databases (WMO GAW, EPA CASTNET, EPA AQS, Canadian CAPMON, Canadian NAPS, European EMEP, European AirBase, East Asian Acid Deposition Monitoring Network EANET), plus metadata. Metrics include the moments of the distribution, percentiles, maximum daily eight-hour average (MDA8), SOMO35, AOT40, and metrics related to air quality regulatory thresholds. In addition, metadata for all contributing sites (e.g. Site name, latitude, longitude) are included in each file.

Citable as:  Evans, M.J.; Sofen, E.D. (2016): Gridded Global Surface Ozone Metrics data (1971-2015) for Atmospheric Chemistry Model Evaluation - version 2.7. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 02 February 2016. doi:10.5285/897a3958-5bfc-4311-9bb0-01134bf6aefa. http://dx.doi.org/10.5285/897a3958-5bfc-4311-9bb0-01134bf6aefa
Keywords:  Ozone
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File Format:
Process overview

AOT40crop_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (AOT40cr...) [ppbv hr]  
AOT40forest_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (AOT40fo...) [ppbv hr]  
DataFrac (DataFrac)  
SOMO35_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (SOMO35_...) [ppbv hr]  
Standard_Deviation_Sites (Std_Dev...) [ppbv]  
altitude (Minimum...) [m]  
altitude (Mean_Al...) [m]  
altitude (Maximum...) [m]  
days (DaysMDA...)  
fourth_mda8_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (FourthH...) [ppbv]  
kurtosis_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (Kurtosi...)  
mda8_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (MeanMDA...) [ppbv]  
median_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (Median_...) [ppbv]  
mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (count_N...)  
mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (Mean_Gr...) [ppbv]  
percentile25_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (25Perce...) [ppbv]  
percentile75_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (75Perce...) [ppbv]  
percentile95_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (95Perce...) [ppbv]  
percentile99_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (99Perce...) [ppbv]  
skew_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (Skewnes...)  
std_mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air (Std_Dev...) [ppbv]  
latitude (latitude) [degrees...]  
longitude (longitude) [degrees...]  
time (time)  
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Temporal Range
Geographic Extent

-180.0000°     180.0000°
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