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ESA Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative (ESA SST CCI): GHRSST Multi-Product ensemble (GMPE)
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Publication Date: 2014-12-03
DOI Publication Date: 2015-02-24
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The ESA Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative (ESA SST CCI) dataset accurately maps the surface temperature of the global oceans over the period 1991 to 2010 using observations from many satellites. The data provides an independently quantified SST to a quality suitable for climate research.

The GHRSST Multi-Product Ensemble (GMPE) dataset is an ensemble median of the ESA SST CCI spatially complete analysis with other level 4 SST analysis products. Anomalies of the analyses relative to the median, and the ensemble standard deviation are also provided.

All the data in the GMPE files are regridded onto a common 0.25 degree regular latitude longitude grid and there are
SST fields for each day. The GMPE for the ESA SST CCI long term product covers the period September 1991 to December
2010. GMPE files are also available for ESA SST CCI demonstration product 1 (which covers June to August 2007).

Citable as:  Fiedler, E.K.; McLaren, A.; Merchant, C.J.; Donlon, C. (2015): ESA Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative (ESA SST CCI): GHRSST Multi-Product ensemble (GMPE). NERC Earth Observation Data Centre, 24 February 2015. doi:10.5285/7BAF7407-2F15-406C-8F09-CB9DC10392AA.
Keywords:  ESA, SST CCI, sea surface temperature, sea_surface_temperature, sea surface temperature, ESACCI_SST, Met Office Hadley Centre
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Public data: access to these data is available to both registered and non-registered users.
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Data lineage:

Data were processed and supplied to the NEODC by the ESA CCI SST project team.

File Format:
The GMPE is formed of daily NetCDF files containing various fields including the median of the ensemble, the anomaly of each ensemble member from that median and the SST gradients from each product. Where we do not have permission to redistribute data, the anomaly and gradient fields are filled with the missing data indicator (which is found in the _FillValue attribute to the variables and is set to -32768). The median_type variable, which reveals which analysis supplied the median at each location, has also been filled with the missing data value. File names for the GMPE files are in the form first eight digits give the year (first four digits) followed by the month and the day (two digits each). For the period June to August 2007 there are GMPE files that contain the ESA SST CCI demonstration product 1 in addition to the analyses compared over the full period of the long term product. These have GLOB_DM in their file names in place of GLOB.
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Access Restrictions

Access to ESA CCI SST data is made available to all registered users under a Creative Commons Licence by attribution.

To download these data, you are invited to register as a NEODC user. This online registration only takes a few minutes.

The authors request an acknowledgement of the data source (cite both citation above and "Merchant, C. J., Embury, O., Roberts-Jones, J., Fiedler, E., Bulgin, C. E., Corlett, G. K., Good, S., McLaren, A., Rayner, N., Morak-Bozzo, S. and Donlon, C. (2014), Sea surface temperature datasets for climate applications from Phase 1 of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative (SST CCI). Geoscience Data Journal. doi: 10.1002/gdj3.20 )" if they are used in any publication.

Process overview

sea_surface_foundation_temperature (analyse...) [kelvin]  
latitude (lat) [degrees...]  
longitude (lon) [degrees...]  
time (time)  
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Temporal Range
Geographic Extent

-180.0000°     180.0000°
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