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 QUERCC (Quantifying ecosystem roles in the carbon cycle): Soil model output data
 RAPID To What Extent was the Little Ice Age a Result of a Change in the Thermohaline Circulation?: HadCM3 model outputs
 FireMAFS (Fire Modelling and Forecasting System)
 RAPID: Numerical meteorological model output data from the HadCM3 control ensemble
 QUACC: UK Chemistry and Aerosols (UKCA) Model Outputs
 UTLS-Ozone Dynamics and Chemistry of Frontal Zones (DCFZ): Airborne atmospheric chemistry and remotely observered cloud micro-physics data
 RAPID Circulation Overflow and Deep Convection Studies in the Nordic Seas Tracers and Models data
 QUEST Fish: biomass estimates in four weight categories for exclusive economic zones
 UTLS-Ozone: Balloon-borne Simultaneous Measurements of Ozone and Water Vapour in the Tropopause Region over Aberystwyth, UK
 UTLS CIRRUS: Anthropogenic influence on UTLS clouds and aerosol
 RAPID IOSMAP: Numerical model and observational water isotope data
 QUEST GSI (Global Scale Impacts of Climate Change): Climate, run-off and aquatic model simulations
 RAPID The Processes controlling dense water formation and transport on Arctic continental shelves: ice and tides output data from POLCOMS-CICE model
 PalaeoQUMP (Quantifying and Understanding the Earth System - Using Palaeodata to Quantify Uncertainties in Model Prediction): Global Charcoal Database
 UTLS-Ozone ERA40 Validation: Comparisons of Ozone and Water Vapour values from satellites, aircraft and the ERA-40 model output
 DESIRE (Dynamics of the Earth System and the Ice-Core Record): Chemical traces, sea conditions and meteorological model measurements
 RAPID The Mass balance and freshwater contribution of the Greenland ice sheet: Numerical model and observational data
 RAPID Assimilation in Ocean and Coupled Models to Determine the Thermohaline Circulation: Numerical circulation model data
 RAPID Quantitative applications of high-resolution late Holocene proxy data sets: estimating climate sensitivity and thermohaline circulation influences numerical model and observational data
 RAPID The Role of Air-Sea Forcing in Causing Rapid Changes in the North Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation model output
 RAPID Understanding uncertainty in simulations of THC-related rapid climate change:
 RAPID Improving our Ability to Predict Rapid Changes in the El Nino Southern Oscillation Climatic Phenomenon: HADCM3 model output
 RAPID-RAPIT: Meteorology, Climatology and Ocean model outputs
 GASPOL: Airborne and In-situ Measurements of Atmospheric Chemical Species and Meteorological Parameters
 UTLS Egrett: Airborne atmospheric chemistry and meteorological observations over Aberystwyth, Mid-Wales
 PROFIL: Vertical Profiles of Wind, Temperature, Turbulence, Sensible Heat, Aerosol and Trace-Gas Concentrations and Fluxes
 PHYTOX: laboratory atmospheric pollution measurements
 URBMET: Universities Weather Research Network (UWERN) measurements
 MarQUEST (Marine Biogeochemistry and Initiative in QUEST): Ocean optical and plankton model measurements
 UTLS-Ozone THESEO: Balloon-borne Measurements from Kiruna, Sweden
 QUEST Quaternary: Marine isotope and glacial cycle model data (150,000 years ago to present)
 PUMA COnsortium - PUMACO: Observation, Modelling And Management Of Urban Air Pollution
 UTLS-Ozone ACTO: Met Research Flight (MRF) C-130 Hercules aircraft atmospheric chemistry measurements and model output collection