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John A. Pyle


 QUACC: UK Chemistry and Aerosols (UKCA) Model Outputs
 MAMM: Airborne Methane and Other Greenhouse Gases Measurements
 Co-ordinated Airborne Studies in the Tropics (CAST): In-situ airborne, ozonesonde and ground based and atmospheric chemistry measurements
 UTLS-Ozone ACTO: Met Research Flight (MRF) C-130 Hercules aircraft atmospheric chemistry measurements and model output collection
 COBRA (impact of COmbined iodine and Bromine Release on the Arctic atmosphere): Air-Surface Interactions Properties measurements from Airborne, Ground-based and Laboratory instrumentation
 HIgh Resolution Global Distributions of Temperature, Clouds, Aerosols, and 10 Trace Species Data from the High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS) instrument measurements
 ACSOE ACE HILLCLOUD-96 and HILLCLOUD-97: Hill Cap Cloud Aerosol Data from Five Sites in Tenerife
 ACSOE OXICOA EASE-96 and EASE-97: Airborne and Ground-based Measurements of Atmospheric Oxidants
 ACSOE OXICOA FREETEX-96 and FREETEX-98: Ozone and Radical Chemistry Data from Jungfraujoch High Alpine Research Station
 ACSOE OXICOA - TACIA Joint Programme: Airborne Gas Photochemistry Measurements Data from onboard the MRF C-130 in 1996 and 1997
 ACSOE MAGE EAE-96 and EAE-97: Airborne, Shipborne and Ground-based Measurements of Aerosols and Gases in the Marine Boundary Layer
 ACSOE OXICOA OZPROF 96, OZPROF 97 and OZPROF 98: Ozone Profile Data from Aberystwyth, UK
 ACSOE OXICOA LTERM: Chemical Climatology Data from Mace Head Atmospheric Research Centre