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Met Office Hadley Centre Logo gridded global land surface humidity dataset produced by the Met Office Hadley Centre

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Abstract utilises simultaneous subdaily temperature and dew point temperature data from over 3000 quality controlled HadISD stations that have sufficiently long records. All humidity variables are calculated at hourly resolution and monthly means are created.

Monthly means are homogenised to detect and adjust for features within the data that do not appear to be of climate origin. While unlikely to be perfect, this process does help remove large errors from the data an improve robustness of long-term climate monitoring. The NCEI's Pairwise Homogenisation Algorithm has been used directly on DPD and T. An indirect PHA method (ID PHA) is used whereby changepoints detected in DPD and T are used to make adjustments to q, e, Tw and RH. Changepoints from DPD are also applied to T. Td is derived from homogenised T and DPD. See Docs ' process diagram'.

Station measurement, climatological and homogeneity adjustment uncertainties are estimated for each month. Climatological averages are calculated (the climatological period is dependent on product version) and monthly mean climate anomalies obtained. These anomalies (in addition to climatological mean and standard deviation, actual values and uncertainty components) are then averaged over 5° by 5° gridboxes centred on -177.5°W and -87.5°S to 177.5°E and 87.5°N. Given the uneven distribution of stations over time and space, sampling uncertainty is estimated for each gridbox month.

For greater detail please see:
Willett, K. M., Dunn, R. J. H., Thorne, P. W., Bell, S., de Podesta, M., Parker, D. E., Jones, P. D., and Williams Jr., C. N.: HadISDH land surface multi-variable humidity and temperature record for climate monitoring, Clim. Past, 10, 1983-2006, doi:10.5194/cp-10-1983-2014, 2014.


Willett, K. M., Williams Jr., C. N., Dunn, R. J. H., Thorne, P. W., Bell, S., de Podesta, M., Jones, P. D., and Parker D. E., 2013: HadISDH: An updated land surface specific humidity product for climate monitoring. Climate of the Past, 9, 657-677, doi:10.5194/cp-9-657-2013.

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Keywords: HadISDH, humidity, surface, land, gridded, station, specific humidity, relative humidity, temperature, dewpoint temperature, wetbulb temperature, dewpoint depression, vapour pressure, in situ, homogenisation, quality control

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