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HYPERSTRESS - Use of high spatial and spectral resolution imagery to estimate water stress levels in citrus orchards

Status: completed
Publication State: published


The main scientific objective of this EUFAR project is to pre-visually estimate water stress in citrus orchards using the combination of airborne hyperspectral and multispectral UAV data. This main objective encloses different sub-objectives to
1/ assess the performance of hyperspectral stress related indices (e.g. PRI) for estimating the water stress levels in the citrus orchards under investigation
2/estimate the fluorescence signal at the field level to assess if the fluorescence signal is useful for water stress detection in orchards
3/test and validate a spatial unmixing algorithm on real hyperspatial (cm), multispectral UAV images and hyperspectral airborne data

Start date of project: 05-09-2011
End date of project: 16-03-2012

Abbreviation: hyperstress
Keywords: HYPERSTRESS, DLR, EUFAR, hyperspectral


Keywords: HYPERSTRESS, DLR, EUFAR, hyperspectral
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