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Brazil-UK Network for Investigation of Amazonian Atmospheric Composition and Impacts on Climate (BUNIAACIC)

Status: completed
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The Brazil-UK Network for Investigation of Amazonian Atmospheric Composition and Impacts on Climate (BUNIAACIC) collaboration was a NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) funded project (NE/I030178/1)

This project aimed to develop a coherent strategy for UK studies of atmospheric composition and impacts in the Amazon.

A network of Brazilian and UK atmospheric researchers were established to scope potential collaborative opportunities by exploiting and extending the infrastructural framework of the FAPESP AEROCLIMA Thematic Grant. An early secondment of CAS staff to São Paulo followed by a broad kick-off workshop were used to initiate the scoping study. Potential UK activities at various stages of development were drawn into a broader strategy of International collaboration and opportunities for further consortium scale activities were developed. A UK office for collaboration on Amazonian atmospheric research was established at the University of Manchester.

The long-term particulate monitoring programme within AEROCLIMA was expanded to include online aerosol composition measurements at the pristine rainforest site. Secondment of São Paulo staff to CAS ensured adequate training was provided in the operation of the instrumentation, data analysis and quality control. A pump-priming pilot scale intensive deployment of the CAS container laboratory with additional particulate measurement instrumentation were used to i) validate the long-term measurements, ii) quantitatively interpret the impacts of aerosol composition on physical properties of climate relevance in the context of the long-term variability, iii) act as a focal measurement suite around which a broader consortium-scale activity can be developed.

A strategy for the medium and longer term collaborative efforts were developed based on the initial scoping study and consultation throughout the UK research community. This strategy was consolidated into a White Paper outlining the Brazil-UK collaborative opportunities and recommended participation of UK groups in Amazonian atmospheric research.

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Keywords: BUNIAACIC, Brazil, chemistry, pollution


Keywords: BUNIAACIC, Brazil, chemistry, pollution
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