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MSF: Fourier Transform spectrometers

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The Molecular Spectroscopic Facility operates three Fourier transform spectrometers: Bruker IFS125HR, Bruker IFS120/5HR and Bruker IFS 66V/S.

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  • Bruker IFS125HR
    This is a high-resolution Fourier transform spectrometer with a maximum unapodized spectral resolution of 0.0016 cm-1. It has a spectral range of 10 to 40,000 cm-1, achieved through a combination of sources, beam splitters and detectors. The spectrometer is evacuable with turbo-molecular pumps, significantly reducing absorption from water vapour and carbon dioxide within the optics compartments. The instrument is compatible with all of the MSF sample cells.
  • Bruker IFS120/5HR
    This is similar instrument to the IFS125HR and can be used with all of the MSF sample cells except the LPAC & SPAC.
  • Bruker IFS 66V/S
    This instrument has moderate spectral resolution (0.12 cm-1), but shares many of the features of the IFS 120HR. The instrument may be operated in evacuated of purged mode and covers the spectral range 300 to 40,000 cm-1. It is compatible with most of the MSF sample cells when configured with custom designed sample and detector vacuum tanks. The IFS 66V/S is also compatible with the reflectance accessories available at the facility.

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