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Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR): net flux radiometer data from the Chilbolton Observatory

Update Frequency: Monthly
Latest Data Update: 2020-04-27
Status: Ongoing
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2014-02-10
Download Stats: last 12 months
Dataset Size: 2.34K Files | 4GB


Continuous measurements are made using a Kipp & Zonen CNR4 net flux radiometer. It measures both downwelling and upwelling radiation in 2 wavelength bands which are common to many similar instruments. A shorter wavelength band measures radiation received from the sun. It encompasses the visible spectrum, together with near infrared and longer wavelength ultraviolet, over a wavelength range of approximately 0.29 - 2.8 µm. It shows a clear response to the day/night cycle. Clouds and other aerosols reduce the detected radiation. A longer wavelength band measures longer wavelength infrared radiation (approximately 4.5 - 32 µm) produced by emission from the atmosphere and earth's surface. It does not respond significantly to the day/night cycle but changes according to the time of year and degree of cloud cover.

Citable as:  Agnew, J. (2014): Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR): net flux radiometer data from the Chilbolton Observatory. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: CFARR, radiometer


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Data are collected by the Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR) facility, then checked by the instrument scientist ahead of delivery for archiving at the data centre.

File Format:
Data are netCDF formatted

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Process overview

This dataset was generated by instruments deployed on platforms as listed below.
Output Description


  • long_name: Downward Surface Solar Radiation
  • names: Downward Surface Solar Radiation
  • units: W m-2
  • standard_name: upwelling_longwave_flux_in_air
  • long_name: Upwelling radiation measured by pyrgeometer
  • var_id: upwelling_longwave_flux_in_air
  • units: m
  • standard_name: height
  • var_id: height
  • long_name: height of ground level above mean sea level (Ordnance Survey Great Britain)
  • units: m
  • standard_name: height
  • var_id: height
  • long_name: height of instrument above ground
  • units: K
  • var_id: instrument_temperature
  • long_name: instrument body temperature
  • units: W m-2
  • standard_name: upwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air
  • var_id: upwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air
  • long_name: upwelling radiation measured by pyranometer

Co-ordinate Variables

  • units: degree_north
  • standard_name: latitude
  • var_id: latitude
  • long_name: latitude
  • units: degree_east
  • standard_name: longitude
  • var_id: longitude
  • long_name: longitude
  • standard_name: time
  • var_id: time
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent

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