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ARSF Specim AISA Eagle

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The AISA Eagle is a 12 bit, pushbroom, hyperspectral sensor with a 1000 pixel swath width, covering the visible and near infra-red spectrum 400 - 970nm. The maximum spectral resolution of the sensor is 2.9nm. Also output to the Eagle are data from the fibre optic downwelling irradiance sensor (FODIS).

The AISA Eagle requires good atmospheric conditions for the collection of narrow spectral wavebands. In the UK we are yet to collect data better that 2.5nm bandwidth (spectrally binning by 2). In less than perfect illumination or atmospheric conditions the instrument may require spectral and/or spatial binning to allow data to be collected. Should perfect optical conditions be essential for your project then there can be no guarantee that these conditions may coincide with the availability of the aircraft in a single flying season. If this project depends on its support in the flying season immediately following the year of submission (or if spectral quality is less of a concern) then additional guidance concerning spatial and spectral binning should be sought.

Abbreviation: arsf-eagle, NEODC_ARSF_SPECIM_EAGLE
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