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APPRAISE Clouds: ground and airborne in-situ aerosol measurements

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Ground based and airborne in-situ aerosol measurements during the APPRAISE-CLOUDS (Aerosol cloud interactions and climate) project from the Chilbolton Atmospheric Observatory, Hampshire (South West England) and on board the FAAM BAE-146 research aircraft.

The data were collected for use in the CLOUDS project, which is one of multiple projects within the APPRAISE (Aerosol Properties, PRocesses And Influences on the Earth's climate) programme.

Airborne measurements for the APPRAISE-CLOUDS project were also carried out using the FAAM BAe146 aircraft. In total 20 flights were carried out as part of this project with the aircraft operating from Cranfield, Exeter and Oberpffafenhofen, Germany.

For the APPRAISE-CLOUDS project the aircraft was equipped with a range of cloud and aerosol instruments including FSSP (cloud droplets), CPI (ice particles), 2DS (ice particles), 2DC (ice particles), 2DP (ice particles), CAPS (droplets, ice, large aerosol), AMS (aerosol chemistry), SP2 (soot aerosol), PCASP (aerosol size), SMPS (aerosol size), Filters (aerosol chemistry), CVI (cloud particle residuals), Nephalometers (aerosol scattering), PSAP (soot aerosol), Whole Air Samplers (trace gases - post flight analysis), Trace gas analysers (NOx, O3, SO2).

Missions typically involved flight legs above and below cloud to characterise aerosol in the vicinity of the clouds, and flight legs within cloud to characterise cloud properties and attempt to measure cloud particle residuals. In total 110 flight hours were allocated to this project.

Flight No. Date Location
B331 6/12/07 SW England
B336 8/01/08 SW England
B337 15/01/08 SW England
B338 17/01/08 SW England
B376 15/05/08 SW Germany
B377 17/05/08 Switzerland
B378 18/05/08 Switzerland
B421 17/12/08 Cardigan Bay
B422 15/01/09 SW England
B423 20/01/09 Bristol Channel
B424 21/01/09 SW England
B425 22/01/09 SW England
B426 28/01/09 SW England
B430 18/02/09 SW England
B431 26/02/09 SW England
B432 27/02/09 Scotland
B433 3/03/09 SW England
B434 3/03/09 SW England
B449 27/05/09 SW England
B456 6/06/09 SW England

Citable as:Natural Environment Research Council; Capes, G.; Bower, K.N.; Gallagher, M. (2007): APPRAISE Clouds: ground and airborne in-situ aerosol measurements. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Keywords: APPRAISE, FAAM, Cloud


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