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Dataset Collection


Global predicted sea-surface iodide concentrations

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This dataset collection contains global spatially predicted sea-surface iodide concentrations at a monthly resolution for the year 1970. It was developed as part of the NERC project Iodide in the ocean:distribution and impact on iodine flux and ozone loss (NE/N009983/1), which aimed to quantify the dominant controls on the sea surface iodide distribution and improve parameterisation of the sea-to-air iodine flux and of ozone deposition.

As new observations are made, this global data product will be continually added to and updated through a "living data" model. The datasets follows semantic versioning ( and holds different versions of this. Please refer to the paper referenced for the current version number and information on this (see related documentation).

Citable as:Sherwen, T.; Chance, R.J.; Tinel, L.; Ellis, D.; Evans, M.J.; Carpenter, L.J. (9999): Global predicted sea-surface iodide concentrations. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
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Keywords: NE/N009983/1, Iodide, sea-surface, ozone deposition, iodine emission, Ocean, Model, NERC

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