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Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Working
Publication Date:
Download Stats: last 12 months
Dataset Size: 349.94K Files | 14TB


The Quality Assurance for Essential Climate Variables (QA4ECV) project produced MODIS priors as part of their processing chain.

Citable as:  Kharbouche, S.; Muller, J.-P. (9999): QA4ECV MODIS Prior (2000-2016). Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: Albedo, Polar, Climate, Sea Ice, Radiometer


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Public data: access to these data is available to both registered and non-registered users.
Use of these data is covered by the following licence: When using these data you must cite them correctly using the citation given on the CEDA Data Catalogue record.
Data lineage:

Data are provided by the QA4ECV project for archival with CEDA. Data are in NetCDF format.

Data Quality:
Data as provided by the QA4ECV project, archived at CEDA
File Format:
These data are provided in netCDF format.

Process overview

  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_wns
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_f0_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_f0_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_f1_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_f1_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_f2_avr
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_f2_sd
  • var_id: BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_wns
  • var_id: landWaterType
  • var_id: lat
  • var_id: lon
  • var_id: snowFraction

Co-ordinate Variables

Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent