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Aragats Space Environmental Center Boltek EFM 100

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Aragats Space Environmental Center Boltek EFM 100. Boltek EFM-100 Electric Field Monitor measures the static electric field generated in Volts per meter (measurement accuracy 5%). Lightning is detected as a sudden change in the static electric field. It is mounted on a pole at 7m above the ground on the roof of MAKET building on the Aragats Research Station, near to the weather station. During the winter snow can reach a height of 5m beneath the sensor. Calibration of the field meter was performed alongside another field meter in August of 2010. Elevation of the site is 3200m above mean sea level.

The instrument is located at Aragats Research Station (40.47°N, 44.18°E).

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Keywords: Electric field mill, Atmospheric, Potential, Gradient

keywords:      Electric field mill, Atmospheric, Potential, Gradient
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