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HYMOSENS2: rivers HYdroMOrphological characterization by high-resolution remote SENSing data

Status: completed
Publication State: published


The potentials of Remote Sensing (RS) to characterize river systems is just starting to emerge since high resolution and multi-spectral RS datasets required to characterize relevant channel and floodplain features are only recently available. These datasets are not yet structured at pan-European scale but they could in the near future. For this reason it is strategically important to provide state of art research studies which assess the potentialities of different source of high-resolution RS data for characterizing river systems, in order to be ready in the near future to support managers in planning cost-effective acquisition at regional/national levels, as requested by modern river monitoring activities. This EUFAR project will perform the simultaneous acquisition of hyperspectral data (from 400 to 2500nm, at 1m spatial resolution), high resolution LiDAR (4 to 8 points/m2), sub-meter orthophotos (10-40 cm) and thermal data to enhance the hydromorphological characterization of the Orco (north of Italy) or alternatively the Ain (east of France) rivers, currently included amongst our ongoing research activity. The combination of such sensors would allow us to work with a distributed and continuous mapping of several geomorphic variables, which will enhance our current capability to analyze and predict fluvial processes. The focus would be twofold: 1) Aquatic compartment: mapping of mesohabitats (in-stream hydromorphological units: riffles, pools, glides...) and their physical characteristics (e.g.: water depth, velocity, presence of vegetation...); 2) Riparian compartment: ecological condition of the riparian vegetation (e.g.: physical drivers assessment, species detection as potential indicators of dryness, vegetation height and growing rate, vertical structure characterization).

Abbreviation: hymosens2, EUFAR15_68, eufar15_68
Keywords: EUFAR, hyperspectral, ARSF, EUFAR15_68


Keywords: EUFAR, hyperspectral, ARSF, EUFAR15_68
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