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Pristine rainforest LBA-TT34-tower, Manaus, Brazil

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The observational tower LBA-TT34 is located at a remote site in the Reserva Biologica do Cuieiras in the Amazon rainforest, 60 km NNW of the city of Manaus in Brazil (2.594541 S, 60.209289 W, 110 m above sea level). The tower is managed by the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia (INPA) and the Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA).

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Keywords: amazon, rainforest, Manaus, Brazil, LBA

keywords:      amazon rainforest Manaus Brazil LBA
platformType:      land_station
location:      GeographicBoundingBox: Pristine, Brazil
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