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A VHF radar on Ascension Island for studies of space debris and mesosphere/lower-thermosphere dynamics

Status: completed
Publication State: published


This project deployed a VHF (Very High Frequency) meteor radar on Ascension Island in the equatorial Atlantic. The radar measures the drifting of meteor trails in the upper mesosphere to make continuous measurements of winds and also uses the pre-t0-phase technique (see linked documentation for details) to estimate the astronomical entry speeds of meteors. The project investigated the hypothesis that meteors of low entry speed might be orbital debris. Measurements of winds were used to investigate the coupling and dynamics of the unique field of equatorial planetary waves and tides, including equatorially-trapped ultra-fast Kelvin Waves and the 8-, 2- and 24-hour solar tides.

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Keywords: mesosphere, space debris, thermosphere, radar


Keywords: mesosphere, space debris, thermosphere, radar
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