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Leeds: Automatic Weather Station

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16 of these were deployed for CSIP. They are coded as leeds-aws-nn in filenames within the CEDA archive (nn is a number designating the particular instrument)

For ACSOE campaign, measurements from this instrument are recorded in files with naming convention of ccyymmdd.mt4 where cc is the platform (e.g. mh is Mace Head), yy is the two digit year, mm is the two digit month and dd is the two digit day.

Abbreviation: leeds-aws-02, leeds-aws-08, leeds-aws-09, leeds-aws-10, leeds-aws-11, leeds-aws-12, leeds-aws-14, leeds-aws-16, leeds-aws-20, leeds-aws-22, leeds-aws-23, leeds-aws-26, leeds-aws-27, leeds-aws-28, leeds-aws-29
Keywords: Leeds, AWS, meteorology

keywords:      Leeds, AWS, meteorology
instrumentType:      Instrument
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