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Synthetic Aperture radar and Hyperspectral airborne Campaign (SHAC2000)

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Data from the Synthetic Aperture Radar and Hyperspectral Airborne campaign (SHAC) run by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the British National Space Centre (BNSC). The campaign intended to provide support for industrial and academic research into earth resource and environmental monitoring. The campaign was managed by NRSC- now Infoterra. Fourteen different locations were flown in May and June 2000 in the campaign (see Fig.1), logistical constraints requiring two aircraft be used to fly the two instruments individually.

The campaign involved a large number of researchers from NERC-EPFS and CEH, BAE Systems and InfoTerra on the ground collecting information vital to making best use of the airborne data: simultaneous spectral, sun photometer and GPS measurements and the installation by DERA, now QinetiQ, of corner reflectors to gain geo-coding of the E-SAR data. The outcome was previously unavailable, state-of the art, airborne data of the UK, which informed 11 research projects.

The following list details the various SHAC2000 projects flown

ScotSHAC campaign in Glen Affric
Woodhouse, I., University of Edinburgh
Fractional ground cover estimation from hyperspectral radiometry.
Davenport, I., University of Reading
Radar measurements of wheat crops at the Boxworth site.
Quegan, S., University of Sheffield
Land Surface Biophysical Parameters from Multi-angular Hyperspectral and SAR data.
Lewis, P. , UCL
Carbon Offset Verification of Forest Ecosystems.
Dawson, T. , University of Oxford
Remote Sensing of Leaks from Aqueducts.
Malthus, T.,University of Edinburgh
Integration of SAR and hyperspectral airborne data for quantitative analysis of estuarine convergent fronts and water quality (ref: BNSC SHAC 99/004).
Ferrier, G., University of Hull
Synergy of HyMap and digital elevation data for the analysis of upland peat erosion pattern and composition.
McMorrow, J., University of Manchester
Thetford Forest: Retrieval of biodiversity indicators for temperate forest from remote sensing; and Monks Wood: Quantifying habitat structure and quality for woodland birds.
Balzter, H., CEH- NERC
Remote sensing of hydrology and vegetation dynamics in the New Forest.
Milton, E., University of Southampton
Assessing the environmental impact of historical basemetal mining at Parys Mountain, Anglesey, with HyMap data.
Lamb, A. and Denniss, A., Infoterra Ltd.

Citable as:Natural Environment Research Council; British National Space Centre; Woodhouse, I.; Davenport, I.; Quegan, S.; Lewis, P.E.; Dawson, T.; Malthus, T.; Ferrier, G.; McMorrow, J.; Balzter, H.; Milton, E.J.; Lamb, A.; Denniss, A. (2007): Synthetic Aperture radar and Hyperspectral airborne Campaign (SHAC2000). NERC Earth Observation Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: shac2000
Keywords: SHAC2000, aircraft, radar


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