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FIDUCEO: Microwave Upper Troposheric Humidity and Uncertainties, Climate Data Record, 1994-2017, V1.2

Update Frequency: Not Planned
Latest Data Update: 2019-05-30
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Citable
Publication Date: 2019-09-12
DOI Publication Date: 2020-06-12
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Dataset Size: 1.02K Files | 4GB


The The FIDelity and Uncertainty in Climate data records from Earth Observations (FIDUCEO) project Upper Tropospheric Humidity (UTH) Climate Data Record version 1.2 dataset is derived from satellite brightness temperatures and uncertainties from the FIDUCEO Microwave Fundamental Climate Data Record (FCDR). The instantaneous observations from the FIDUCEO Microwave FCDR are used to derive a spatio-temporal averaged data record, which contains monthly mean UTH and brightness temperature mapped to a regular latitude/longitude grid covering the tropical region (-30° to 30° N), with a spatial resolution of 1° x 1°. It covers all mission years of the Special Senson Microwave for Temperature (SSMT2) instrument on the F11, F12, F14, F15 satellites, the Advanced Mircowave Sounding Unit (AMSU-B ) instrument on the NOAA 15-17 satellites and the Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS) instruments on the NOAA18, NOAA19, MetopA, Metop-B satellites.

Full documentation including product user guide, tutorials and relevant publications are available in the documentation

Citable as:  Lang, T.; Buehler, S.; Burgdorf, M.; Hans, I. (2020): FIDUCEO: Microwave Upper Troposheric Humidity and Uncertainties, Climate Data Record, 1994-2017, V1.2. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 12 June 2020. doi:10.5285/2083b33b5c3d4cf0acb9a49226789caa.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: CDR, Climate Data Record, Upper Trosphere Humidity, Microwave, SSMT-2, AMSU-B, MHS, Uncertainty


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Public data: access to these data is available to both registered and non-registered users.
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Data lineage:

Provided by Theresa Lang of the University of Hamburg (part of FIDUCEO project team) to CEDA for archival and publication. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 638822.

Data Quality:
Validated by Theresa Lang ,and Martin Burgdorf University of Hamburg (part of FIDUCEO project team)
File Format:
The file format is netCDF, and each UTH CDR file for this version contains:Longitudes and Latitudes of grid cell centres and grid cell boundaries; Observation and satellite overpass counts for ascending and descending branches; Earliest and latest time of day of pixel contribution to the monthly average, for ascending and descending branches;; Monthly average and standard deviation of 183.31±1 GHz brightness temperatures that were used to derive UTH (excluding cloudy pixels), for ascending and descending branches;Monthly average of all 183.31±1 GHzbrightness temperatures (including cloudy pixels), for ascending and descending branches;Monthly average and standard deviation of UTH (derived from channel 3 brightness temperatures);Independent, structured and common uncertainty for monthly averages of brightness temperatures and UTH, for ascending and descending branches;The dimensions of the variables in the NetCDF file are xand y, indicating east-west and north-south direction, respectively. For further information see thefile format specification in the documentation.

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Lang, T., Buehler, S. A., Burgdorf, M., Hans, I., & John, V. O. (2020). A new climate data record of upper-tropospheric humidity from microwave observations. Scientific Data, 7(1).

Process overview

This dataset was generated by a combination of instruments deployed on platforms and computations as detailed below.

Computation Element: 1

Title FIDUCEO UTH CDR computation V1.2
Abstract FIDUCEO UTH CDR computation V1.2 was generated from the FIDUCEO microwave FCDR
Input Description None
Output Description None
Software Reference None
Output Description


  • units: K
  • var_id: BT_full_inhomogeneity_ascend
  • units: K
  • var_id: BT_full_inhomogeneity_descend
  • units: K
  • var_id: BT_inhomogeneity_ascend
  • units: K
  • var_id: BT_inhomogeneity_descend
  • units: degrees_north
  • var_id: lat_bnds
  • long_name: latitude cell boundaries
  • units: degrees_east
  • var_id: lon_bnds
  • long_name: longitude cell boundaries
  • var_id: observation_count_all_ascend
  • var_id: observation_count_all_descend
  • var_id: observation_count_ascend
  • var_id: observation_count_descend
  • var_id: overpass_count_ascend
  • var_id: overpass_count_descend
  • standard_name: status_flag
  • var_id: quality_pixel_bitmask
  • units: s
  • var_id: time_ranges_ascend
  • units: s
  • var_id: time_ranges_descend
  • units: K
  • standard_name: toa_brightness_temperature
  • var_id: BT_full_descend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_common_BT_ascend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_common_BT_descend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_common_BT_full_ascend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_common_BT_full_descend
  • units: %
  • var_id: u_common_uth_ascend
  • units: %
  • var_id: u_common_uth_descend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_independent_BT_ascend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_independent_BT_descend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_independent_BT_full_ascend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_independent_BT_full_descend
  • units: %
  • var_id: u_independent_uth_ascend
  • units: %
  • var_id: u_independent_uth_descend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_structured_BT_ascend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_structured_BT_descend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_structured_BT_full_ascend
  • units: K
  • var_id: u_structured_BT_full_descend
  • units: %
  • var_id: u_structured_uth_ascend
  • units: %
  • var_id: u_structured_uth_descend
  • units: %
  • long_name: upper_tropospheric_humidity
  • var_id: uth_descend
  • units: %
  • var_id: uth_inhomogeneity_ascend
  • units: %
  • var_id: uth_inhomogeneity_descend

Co-ordinate Variables

  • units: degrees_north
  • standard_name: latitude
  • long_name: latitude
  • var_id: lat
  • units: degrees_east
  • standard_name: longitude
  • long_name: longitude
  • var_id: lon
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent