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Stockholm University: weather station

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The Stockholm University weather station was mounted on the 7th deck of the Icebreaker Oden during the ASCE expedition, 2014. It consisted of a series of instruments with a common data logger sampling at 1 Hz.

a. Wind speed and direction with a Gill 2D Ultrasonic anemometer
b. Position and horizontal motions with a Garmin GPS
c. Temperature and relative humidity with a platinum resistor thermometer and a capacitive hygrometer, respectively
d. Local atmospheric pressure with an electronic barometer.
e. Incoming short and longwave radiation are measured with Eppley pyrano- and pyrgeometers, respectively, mounted on a gimbaled platform. The gimbal for the pyranometer (pyrgeometer) was immobilized at 01:40 UTC (01:50 UTC) on Sep. 2 because relative winds from the bow of 6-9 m/s or more caused a tilt of up to 15-20 degrees.
f. Additional to this, but logged separately at one minute intervals and sampled as one minute averages, are a visibility sensor and a cloud base lidar (so called ceilometer). Both are based on lidar technology.

All these instruments, with the exception of the GPS system and the ultrasonic anemometer, are from Vaisala Oy

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Keywords: surface meteorology, pressure, temperature, wind speed

keywords:      surface meteorology, pressure, temperature, wind speed
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