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ATSR-2 was launched as part of the payload of ESA's ERS-1 satellite on 21st April 1995, and was the second instrument in the ATSR series including the along track scanning concept.

Each ATSR instrument has been designed for exceptional sensitivity and stability of calibration, which are achieved through the incorporation of several innovative features in the instrument design. This design has, among other things, enabled the accurate measurement of sea surface temperature to an accuracy of +/- 0.3K.

The ATSR2 is equipped with infrared channels at 1.6um, 3.7um, 10.8 um and 12um to match its predecessor ATSR1 in providing brightness temperatures for measurement of sea-surface temperature and cloud-top temperature. In addition, visible channels at 0.55, 0.67 and 0.87 um for vegatation studies and improved cloud detection were also included on ATSR2. The ATSR2 failed in 2008.

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