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AWSHRLY (Automatic Weather Station Hourly values) Station Network

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Observation stations within the AWSHRLY (Automatic Weather Station Hourly values) Station Network transmit their observations in the form of an AWSHRLY message. Commercial and Met Office designs of Climate Data Loggers (CDL) create hourly and daily weather messages which may be retrieved by remote polling or downloading at the station onto floppy disk. AWSHRLY messages carry hourly information collected by the CDLs. AWSHRLY messages are transmitted from 170 observation stations in the UK and 1 observation station in Cyprus. The AWSHRLY message contains observed elements such as hourly radiation, hourly precipitation, hourly soil temperatures and hourly mean wind.

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More Information (under review)

For more information on the observation stations and instruments used to collect measurements which are transmitted in a AWSHRLY message, the Met Office Surface Data Users Guide, describes the meteorological surface data in the Met Office Database - MIDAS.

For more information about the observation stations which transmit the AWSHRLY message, the MIDAS stations map gives the exact locations of all conforming observation stations.

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