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Theoretical uncertainties for three global satellite-derived burned area estimates

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Publication Date: 2019-07-23
DOI Publication Date: 2019-07-26
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Estimated annual burned area and uncertainties for three global satellite-derived burned area products. Each estimate is provided at 1° spatial resolution for the years 2001-2013. Theoretical annual uncertainties in burned area (standard errors) products are generated according to a multiplicative triple collocation error model and annualised according to a sampling of the 16-day burned area estimates from each product. The approach provides unique uncertainties at 1° for the NASA Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Collection 6 burned area product (MCD64); the MODIS Collection 5.1 MCD45 product and the FireCCI50 product. Please note that due to limitations in the available sampling for the error model, around 40% of cells do not have uncertainty estimates.

Citable as:  Brennan, J.; Gomez-Dans, J.; Disney, M.; Lewis, P. (2019): Theoretical uncertainties for three global satellite-derived burned area estimates. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 26 July 2019. doi:10.5285/2d9162f949e042adbdd6ec82c910ee5b.
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Keywords: biomass burning, forest fires


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