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UKCP18 Derived Climate Projections for a 4°C global warming level on a 60km grid of the UK

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This dataset was produced using an emulation technique. The technique is based on applying the time shift methodology to the UKCP18 Global Climate Projections, along with some other statistical techniques, to produce time series of climate variables for the UK region only. Each realisation provides an example of climate variability in a changing climate. The dataset cover the time period of 50 years and comprises of monthly time series of near surface air temperature, precipitation rate, relative humidity, near surface wind, northward near surface wind speed, eastward near surface wind speed and net surface short wave flux. Daily time series of near surface temperature and precipitation also exist. Since not all realisations in the UKCP18 Global Climate Projections reach a global warming of 4°C above pre-industrial levels, there are less than 28 realisations in this dataset.

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