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Wytham Woods TLS leaf off winter 2015/2016

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TLS data were collected on a 20 m x 20 m grid where at each position the scanner captured data in an upright and tilted position. The scanner was set to an angular step of 0.04 degrees. In between each scan position, a set of retro-reflective targets were positioned to be used as tie-points between scans.

The local origin coordinate (0,0) was measured with a differential GPS and located at Lat 51.7750579, Lon-1.33904729
-local coordinate lower left: (-0.07, -0.10)
-local coordinate lower right: (197.78, 8.52)
-local coordinate top left: (-1.37, 305.89)
-local coordinate top right: (200.99, 308.38)

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