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Model data of sulphate aerosols, aerosol size distribution and radiative fluxes produced using different values of cloud-water pH

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Latest Data Update: 2019-02-19
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Citable
Publication Date: 2019-02-25
DOI Publication Date: 2019-02-25
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This dataset contains model output data on sulphate aerosols, aerosol size distributions and radiative fluxes produced from experiments that used different values of cloud-water pH. The composition-climate model HadGEM3-UKCA was run over the period 1970 to 2009 to investigate the effect of temporal changes in cloud-water pH on sulphate aerosol formation and the subsequent impact on climate. HadGEM3-UKCA is the climate model configuration of the Met Office Unified Model (UM). Vn7.3 of the UM was used in this study and included a branch to the CLOMAP-Mode aerosol scheme. Model simulations were conducted at a global resolution of 1.875° x 1.25°.

Citable as:  Turnock, S.; Mann, G.; Woodhouse, M.; Dalvi, M.; O'Connor, F.; Carslaw, K.; Spracklen, D. (2019): Model data of sulphate aerosols, aerosol size distribution and radiative fluxes produced using different values of cloud-water pH. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 25 February 2019. doi:10.5285/35e6cc3ca2314dcd8d627d85e6c01d46.
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Keywords: sulphate aerosols, aerosol size distribution, radiative fluxes, cloud, pH


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Data were generated using the Met Office Unified Model (UM) Vn7.3 and used in a climate model configuration termed HadGEM3-UKCA that has interactive aerosols (GLOMAP-Mode) and chemistry at a global 140km horizontal resolution (N96, 1.875 x 1.25). Selected model output variables have been processed and converted to CF-netCDF by the author using the IRIS tool developed by the Met Office and then passed on to the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) for archiving.

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Turnock, S.T., Mann, G.W., Woodhouse, M.T., Dalvi, M., O’Connor, F.M., Carslaw, K.S. & Spracklen, D.V. (2019) The Impact of Changes in Cloud Water pH on Aerosol Radiative Forcing. Geophysical Research Letters 46, 4039–4048.

Process overview

This dataset was generated by the computation detailed below.

Met Office unified model (UM) Vn7.3 deployed in a climate model configuration (HadGEM3-UKCA) on the Met Office CRAY HPC facility


Met Office unified model Vn7.3 (UM) deployed in a climate model configuration (HadGEM3-UKCA) on the Met Office CRAY HPC facility

Input Description


Output Description


Software Reference


  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_N50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hPa_for_pH_4pt5
  • var_id: annual_n50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hpa_for_ph_4pt5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_N50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hPa_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_n50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hpa_for_ph_5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_N50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hPa_for_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_n50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hpa_for_ph_5pt5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_N50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hPa_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_n50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hpa_for_ph_6
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_N50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hPa_for_pH_6pt5
  • var_id: annual_n50_aerosol_number_concentration_at_850hpa_for_ph_6pt5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_ageing_flux_of_Sulphur_in_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_4pt5
  • var_id: annual_ageing_flux_of_sulphur_in_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_4pt5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_accumulation_modal_radius_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_accumulation_modal_radius_for_ph_5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_accumulation_modal_radius_for_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_accumulation_modal_radius_for_ph_5pt5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_accumulation_modal_radius_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_accumulation_modal_radius_for_ph_6
  • units: 1
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_insoluble_modal_radius_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_insoluble_modal_radius_for_ph_5
  • units: 1
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_insoluble_modal_radius_for_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_insoluble_modal_radius_for_ph_5pt5
  • units: 1
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_insoluble_modal_radius_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_insoluble_modal_radius_for_ph_6
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_modal_radius_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_modal_radius_for_ph_5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_modal_radius_for_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_modal_radius_for_ph_5pt5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_modal_radius_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_aitken_modal_radius_for_ph_6
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_coarse_modal_radius_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_coarse_modal_radius_for_ph_5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_coarse_modal_radius_for_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_coarse_modal_radius_for_ph_5pt5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_coarse_modal_radius_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_coarse_modal_radius_for_ph_6
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_nucleation_modal_radius_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_nucleation_modal_radius_for_ph_5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_nucleation_modal_radius_for_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_nucleation_modal_radius_for_ph_5pt5
  • units: m
  • long_name: Annual_dry_aerosol_nucleation_modal_radius_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_dry_aerosol_nucleation_modal_radius_for_ph_6
  • units: ug S m-3
  • long_name: Annual_mean_SO4_concentration_for_pH_4pt5
  • var_id: annual_mean_so4_concentration_for_ph_4pt5
  • units: ug S m-3
  • long_name: Annual_mean_SO4_concentration_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_mean_so4_concentration_for_ph_5
  • units: ug S m-3
  • long_name: Annual_mean_SO4_concentration_for_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_mean_so4_concentration_for_ph_5pt5
  • units: ug S m-3
  • long_name: Annual_mean_SO4_concentration_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_mean_so4_concentration_for_ph_6
  • units: ug S m-3
  • long_name: Annual_mean_SO4_concentration_for_pH_6pt5
  • var_id: annual_mean_so4_concentration_for_ph_6pt5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_primary_flux_of_Sulphur_in_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_primary_flux_of_sulphur_in_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_primary_flux_of_Sulphur_in_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_primary_flux_of_sulphur_in_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_6
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_primary_flux_of_Sulphur_in_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_primary_flux_of_sulphur_in_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_primary_flux_of_Sulphur_in_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_primary_flux_of_sulphur_in_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_6
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_in_aitken_mode_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_in_aitken_mode_for_ph_5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_in_aitken_mode_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_in_aitken_mode_for_ph_6
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_in_coarse_mode_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_in_coarse_mode_for_ph_5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_in_coarse_mode_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_in_coarse_mode_for_ph_6
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_INTO_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_into_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_INTO_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_into_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_6
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_INTO_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_into_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_INTO_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_into_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_6
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_4pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_4pt5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_5pt5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_6
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_6pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_aitken_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_6pt5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_4pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_4pt5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_5pt5
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_6
  • units: Tg S yr-1
  • long_name: Annual_total_flux_of_Sulphur_OUT_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_pH_6pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_flux_of_sulphur_out_coarse_mode_for_1970_2009_ph_6pt5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_pH_4pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_ph_4pt5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_pH_5
  • var_id: annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_ph_5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_pH_5pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_ph_5pt5
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_pH_6
  • var_id: annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_ph_6
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: Annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_pH_6pt5
  • var_id: annual_total_surface_aerosol_number_concentration_for_ph_6pt5
  • units: kg S
  • long_name: Monthly_surface_SO4_concentration_at_pH_5
  • var_id: monthly_surface_so4_concentration_at_ph_5
  • units: kg S
  • long_name: Monthly_surface_SO4_concentration_at_pH_6pt5
  • var_id: monthly_surface_so4_concentration_at_ph_6pt5
  • units: hours
  • standard_name: forecast_period
  • var_id: forecast_period
  • var_id: forecast_period_bnds
  • standard_name: forecast_reference_time
  • var_id: forecast_reference_time
  • var_id: latitude_0_bnds
  • var_id: latitude_bnds
  • var_id: latitude_longitude
  • units: m
  • long_name: level_height
  • var_id: level_height
  • var_id: level_height_bnds
  • var_id: longitude_bnds
  • units: 1
  • standard_name: model_level_number
  • var_id: model_level_number
  • units: 1
  • var_id: sigma
  • long_name: sigma
  • var_id: sigma_bnds
  • var_id: time_bnds

Co-ordinate Variables

  • units: degrees_north
  • standard_name: latitude
  • var_id: latitude_0
  • units: degrees_east
  • standard_name: longitude
  • var_id: longitude
  • standard_name: time
  • var_id: time
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent