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FAAM/BAE systems: Hygrometer (General Eastern)

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FAAM Core instrument measuring dew point or frost point by using a chilled mirror hygrometer.

The General Eastern 1011B is a chilled mirror hygrometer for use in cloud-free air - it optically monitors the temperature of a mirror when liquid water or ice begins to condense. Air is drawn through the instrument through a passive inlet located 6m aft of the nose and 4 cm from the skin, which is within the boundary layer.

Performance of the instrument depends on temperature; it is subject to oscillations at low frost points.

The data frequency is measurend in 4Hz. This 4Hz frequency can be found in the full core datafile, or as 1Hz in the 1Hz data file.

Parameters in the data files are: TDEW_GE (Dew point from the General Eastern instrument, K)

Abbreviation: faam-general-eastern
Keywords: dew point, frost point, TDEW_GE, general eastern

keywords:      dew point, frost point, TDEW_GE, general eastern
instrumentType:      Met Sensor

Instrument: FAAM/BAE (Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements/British AErospace) systems: Set of FAAM core instruments

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