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University of York's TEI 49 UV absorption O3 analyser

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The Thermo 49 is a powerful, easy-to-use, UV photometric based ozone analyzer which offers increased specificity via its balanced optical system. User programmable software capabilities allows selection of the frequency at which internalzero/span activation and instrument calibrationchecks will occur. Additionally, field programmable measurement range settings can bestored in memory for subsequent recall. Extended troubleshooting diagnostics now provide instantaneous indication of instrumentoperating parameter, status including: Pressure, Flow, DC Supply Voltages, Optical BenchTemperature, Ozonator Power Supply Voltageand Lamp Voltage.

Thermo Environmental Instruments 49i UV absorption O3 analyser under AMF and currently operated by the University of Leeds. This is a ground-based laser-induced fluorescence instrument for detection of OH, HO2, and RO2 radicals. OH reactivity measurements using a laser flash-photolysis technique can be provided alongside the radical measurements. The instrument is housed in and operated from a custom-built 20 ft shipping container.

Abbreviation: york-ozone3
Keywords: AMF, NCAS, Ozone