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Alouette I and Alouette II

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The Alouette I and II spacecraft mark Canada's first space program. They were small ionospheric observatories, hosting sweep-frequency ionospheric sounders, a VLF receivers, energetic particle experiments, cosmic noise experiments, and electrostatic probes.
The UK Solar System Data Centre (UKSSDC) holds various datum from the Alouette I and Alouette II ionospheric sounders, in 35mm film format.

Only a very select range of Alouette I datum is held by the UKSSDC. We have three sets of ionospheric sounder data, each being specific to a certain location over the Earth.
Over the solant, from 1962-10-12 to 1964-02-04.
Over Woomera, from 1962-10-19 to 1964-12-11.

Alouette II datum from the ionospheric sounder is available from 1967-03-21 to 1967-08-10.

Citable as:Canadian Defence Research Board (1967): Alouette I and Alouette II. UK Solar System Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: alouette_I_II
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