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Dataset Collection


Atmospheric Measurement Facility (NCAS-AMF) Data

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This dataset collection brings together data from instruments deployed within the UK's National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences's (NCAS) Atmospheric Measurements Facility (AMF). The AMF facilitates easy access to a wide range of quality assured data products and services as well as access to specialist instrumentation for ground based and airborne observation of the atmosphere, observatories, platforms, and laboratories, operated by dedicated facility Instrument Scientists. In addition to campaign deployments covered by this collection AMF also operates a number of long-term instruments which can be found under the NCAS long term observations dataset collection. This collection also brings together data from the AMF instruments when they were operated before being part of AMF. As such some datasets will refer to the instruments' former designations.

Citable as:National Centre for Atmospheric Science (2014): Atmospheric Measurement Facility (NCAS-AMF) Data. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
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