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NCAS AMOF LiDAR Wind Profiler 1

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Galion 4000 Lidar is a laser-based wind profiler device, developed by SgurrEnergy to measure wind speed and capture directional data.

With its unique all-sky scanning capability and up to 4km range, Galion is a mature remote sensing technology that is successfully used for wind mapping applications worldwide.

Features of Galion Lidar

Pulsed laser device for wind speed and direction measurement
High-resolution data capture
Up to 4km range
Remote access to real data
All-sky scanning steerable beam
Environmentally tested from -15°C to +35°C
Independently validated by Risø DTU, Deutsche Wind Guard, Fraunhofer IWES and DNV Kema

Galion’s scanning options

A variety of scan options are available and Galion can conduct 3D scans including:
Vertical cross-section scan
VAD scan
Arc scan

Abbreviation: ncas_wind_profiler_1
Keywords: NCAS, AMOF

keywords:      NCAS, AMOF
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