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ACSOE OXICOA - TACIA Joint Programme: CAS Tropospheric Trajectory Model Data for Along Flight Paths of MRF C-130 for 1997

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Status: Completed
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Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2007-03-23
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The Atmospheric Chemistry Studies in the Oceanic Environment (ACSOE) was a 5-year Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) programme on tropospheric chemistry coordinated by the University of East Anglia and involving research groups from a number of UK universities and research institutes. The project had three consortia of UK institutes and universities, each of which focused on a different scientific topic. OXICOA (OXIdising Capacity of the Ocean Atmosphere) was a study of oxidant, radical and related gas-phase chemistry in the clean and moderately polluted marine atmosphere. The Testing Atmospheric Chemistry in Anticyclone (TACIA) project as part of the ACSOE-OXICOA program was carried to collect data. The dataset was collected by the C-130 research aircraft; a former transport aircraft operated by the Meteorological Research Flight (MRF), and includes in situ trace gas photochemistry measurements.

Citable as:  Natural Environment Research Council; Evans, M.J. (2007): ACSOE OXICOA - TACIA Joint Programme: CAS Tropospheric Trajectory Model Data for Along Flight Paths of MRF C-130 for 1997. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
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Keywords: ACSOE, OXICOA, LTERM, CAS, Trajectory


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Data were created by the trajectory model created by the Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge using the forecast model data from ECMWF as a part of ACSOE campaign, and were submitted to BADC for archival.

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Title Cambridge: Trajectory Model deployed on unknown computer
Abstract This computation involved: Cambridge: Trajectory Model.
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