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Ocean-Bottom Instrumentation Consortium (Universities of Durham and Southampton) LC-LJ1 ocean bottom seismograph

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An ocean bottom seismometer based on the Scripps Institution of Oceanography LC2000 system. It is designed for seafloor deployment to monitor seismic activity. It features the housing and data loggers of the base LC2000 system but has been upgraded to a four-component system consisting of a 2 Hz Scorpion Oceanics Limited HTI-90-U hydrophone and a three-axis 4.5 Hz Sercel L-28 geophone. It also features a differential pressure gauge for broadband seismic recording. The LC-LJ1 also features two horizontal and 1 optionally vertical Ag-AgCl electromagnetic electrodes (10-30 Hz frequency response). The system is modular and allows for a variety of sensors to be used. It can also be used as a two-component (hydrophone and 2 Hz geophone) system.

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