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CIMS - Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometer

Status: completed
Publication State: published


Nov 2009 - 2010 , 40 flying hours

A flying campaign to validate a new instrument to measure nitric acid and ammonia.
Overall aim: The installation, testing and demonstration of a Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometer on the UK FAAM aircraft that can measure nitric acid and ammonia with sufficient sensitivity to address many atmospherically important questions coupling the oxidation of oxides of nitrogen with the loss to aerosols. These problems dictate regional deposition and transport pathways and are of important regional air quality and climatic importance.

Equipment - Core Consoles, Core Chemistry, TDLAS, Cloud Physics(FFSSP,PCASP), FWVS, Neph/Wet Neph/PSAP, AMS, CIMS,TDLAS

Abbreviation: CIMS
Keywords: Not defined

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