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Indoor air population study: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) concentrations

Latest Data Update: 2021-04-28
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2022-01-18
Download Stats: last 12 months
Dataset Size: 7 Files | 896KB


This dataset contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) concentrations taken from a large, population-scale study, which was conducted for a total of 19 weeks during the winter and summer of 2019. VOC concentration data were collected for 39 VOC species across 60 houses in Ashford, United Kingdom. Samples were collected in evacuated stainless-steel canisters over 72 hours using restricted flow inlets. A number of houses were randomly selected to also collect an outdoor sample. Each household, per campaign, was associated with at least three canister IDs and some with an additional outdoor sample.

This dataset contains information on all VOCs collected, listing in which season each sample was taken, the associated canister ID and the analytical instrument with which each VOC was measured. Household, demographic, and product use information is available, as is a logbook outlining further sample information.

Citable as:  Heeley-Hill, A.C.; Lewis, A.C.; Grange, S.K.; Ward, M.W.; Owen, N.; Jordan, C.; Adamson, G. (2022): Indoor air population study: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) concentrations. NERC EDS Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: NERC, indoor, VOC, population


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Data lineage:

Data were collected by the University of York in collaboration with Givaudan UK, who provided a cohort of study participants and aided in survey design. Data were then sent for archiving at the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA).

File Format:
Data are BADC CSV formatted.

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Process overview

This dataset was generated by instruments deployed on platforms as listed below.

Independent Instruments

York: 2 Dimensional GC-fid
York gc-tof-ms
Output Description


  • long_name: analysis_date
  • names: analysis_date
  • long_name: built_in_garage
  • units: binary
  • names: built_in_garage
  • long_name: campaign
  • units: categorical
  • names: campaign
  • long_name: canister_id
  • units: alphanumeric_id
  • names: canister_id
  • units: alphanumeric_id
  • long_name: canister_outdoor_id
  • names: canister_outdoor_id
  • units: binary
  • long_name: coal
  • names: coal
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: cooking_appliance
  • names: cooking_appliance
  • long_name: day
  • names: day
  • units: binary
  • long_name: electric_central_heating
  • names: electric_central_heating
  • units: binary
  • long_name: electric_cooking
  • names: electric_cooking
  • long_name: end_sampling
  • names: end_sampling
  • long_name: flowers
  • names: flowers
  • long_name: frequency_use
  • names: frequency_use
  • units: binary
  • long_name: gas_central_heating
  • names: gas_central_heating
  • units: binary
  • long_name: gas_cooking
  • names: gas_cooking
  • long_name: household
  • names: household
  • units: binary
  • long_name: log_burner
  • names: log_burner
  • units: binary
  • long_name: lpg_central_heating
  • names: lpg_central_heating
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: number_of_bedrooms
  • names: number_of_bedrooms
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: number_of_residents
  • names: number_of_residents
  • units: binary
  • long_name: oil_central_heating
  • names: oil_central_heating
  • units: binary
  • long_name: other_solid_fuel
  • names: other_solid_fuel
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: other_solid_fuel_cooking_notes
  • names: other_solid_fuel_cooking_notes
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: other_solid_fuel_heating_notes
  • names: other_solid_fuel_heating_notes
  • long_name: product
  • names: product
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: property_era
  • names: property_era
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: property_type
  • names: property_type
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_five_age_category
  • names: resident_five_age_category
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_five_gender
  • names: resident_five_gender
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_four_age_category
  • names: resident_four_age_category
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_four_gender
  • names: resident_four_gender
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_one_age_category
  • names: resident_one_age_category
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_one_gender
  • names: resident_one_gender
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_three_age_category
  • names: resident_three_age_category
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_three_gender
  • names: resident_three_gender
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_two_age_category
  • names: resident_two_age_category
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: resident_two_gender
  • names: resident_two_gender
  • long_name: sample_type
  • names: sample_type
  • units: binary
  • long_name: smoking
  • names: smoking
  • units: binary
  • long_name: solid_fuel_cooking
  • names: solid_fuel_cooking
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: solid_fuel_description
  • names: solid_fuel_description
  • long_name: start_pressure
  • names: start_pressure
  • long_name: start_sampling
  • names: start_sampling
  • long_name: week
  • names: week
  • units: categorical
  • long_name: windows_description
  • names: windows_description
  • units: binary
  • long_name: wood_stove
  • names: wood_stove

Co-ordinate Variables

Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent