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Envisat satellite composite (third reprocessing)

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For the third reprocessing, the IPF Processor 6.05 (the IPF Processor 6.01 for the second version) is used. Several static and dynamic auxiliary data files are updated or introduced. This update aims for:
- Improvement of SST retrievals by updating SST coefficients (SST ADF)
- Implementation of improved and consistent calibration for the reflectance channels (555 nm, 660 nm, 865 nm and 1600 nm), which would correct the long term drift.
- Improvement of cloud identification through updated cloud test auxiliary file (CL1 ADF).
- Implementation of the new L1B characterisation file (CH1 ADF) which would improve the colocation displacement between the nadir and forward views, and the absolute geolocation accuracy.

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Keywords: third reprocessing, AATSR, Envisat

keywords:      third reprocessing, AATSR, Envisat
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