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MYD11A1 - MODIS/Aqua Land Surface Temperature/Emissivity Daily L3 Global 1km SIN Grid

Update Frequency: As Needed
Latest Data Update: 2023-05-18
Status: Ongoing
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2021-04-15
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Dataset Size: 2.05M Files | 4TB


These data are a copy of MODIS data from the NASA Level-1 and Atmosphere Archive & Distribution System (LAADS) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC). The copy is potentially only a subset. Below is the description from

The MODIS/Aqua Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity (LST/E) products provide per-pixel temperature and emissivity values in a sequence of swath-based to grid-based global products. The MODIS/Aqua LST/E Daily L3 Global 1 km SIN Grid,(Short name: MYD11A1), is a gridded version of the L2 Daily LST/E data set, whose LSTs are retrieved by the split-window algorithm.

The Collection-4 (C4) LST/E L3 MYD11A1 product inputs include the MODIS L1B calibrated and geolocated radiances, geolocation, cloud mask, atmospheric profiles, land and snow cover. The band 31 and 32 emissivities are estimated by a classification-based emissivity method, which relies on the pixel's land cover type as determined by the land and snow cover inputs. Until June 2001, the AVHRR-based IGBP land cover product was used. Following that time, MODIS-derived land cover product was used. The estimated emissivities in arid and semi-arid areas are potentially uncertain, and users are advised to exercise caution in their applications. The day/night alogorithm extracts average temperatures (in Kelvin) and applies them to a pair of MODIS daytime and nighttime observations. This method yields 1 K accuracy for materials with known emissivities. The V4 MYD11A1 product has a temporal acquisition range of February 24, 2000 (2000-055) until January 3, 2007 (200-003). The C4 collection remains consistent with C41, and users may combine the two collections in a time-series analysis.

The MODIS/Aqua Collection 41 (C41) products use a modified Collection-4 (C4) LST algorithm and Collection-5 (C5) data inputs. The C41 products primarily address underestimation problems in the C5 Climate Modeling Grid (CMG) products. Recent validation activities reveal that the C5 CMG products underestimate LSTs up to 6K especially in desert and semi-arid regions. The availability of this collection starts with MODIS/Aqua data acquisition on January 1, 2007 (2007-001). This date is driven by the availability of the MODIS C5 data inputs (level-1B radiance data, geolocation data, cloud mask, atmospheric profiles, and land and snow cover data).

The MODIS/Aqua C5 LST/E L3 Global 5 km Grid product incorporates 1-km pixels, which are produced daily using the generalized split-window LST algorithm. This algorithm is optimally used to separate ranges of atmospheric column water vapor and lower boundary air surface temperatures into tractable sub-ranges. The surface emissivities in bands 31 and 32 are estimated from land cover types. The C5 MYD11_L2 product's acquisition range started March 5, 2000 (2000-065) and will continue until some time after the C6 reprocessing is complete.

The C41 and C5 MODIS/Aqua LST/E products, including the MYD11A1, are validated to Stage-2 with well-defined uncertainties over a range of representative conditions. Further details regarding MODIS land product validation for the LST/E products are available from the MODIS land team validation site referenced under 'Val Status' section.

The C41 LST products from 2007-001 will remain consistent with similar products from C4, and hence are amenable to combine them in a time-series analysis. Users should exercise caution, and not mix the C4.x (i.e., C4 and C41) and C5 LST products in their analyses.

Shortname: MYD11A1 , Platform: Aqua , Instrument: MODIS , Processing Level: Level-3 , Spatial Resolution: 1 km , Temporal Resolution: daily , ArchiveSets: 6, 61 , Collection: MODIS Collection 6 (ArchiveSet 6) , PGE Number: PGE16M , File Naming Convention: MYD11A1.AYYYYDDD.hHHvVV.CCC.YYYYDDDHHMMSS.hdf YYYYDDD = Year and Day of Year of acquisition hHH = Horizontal tile number (0-35) vVV = Vertical tile number (0-17) CCC = Collection number YYYYDDDHHMMSS = Production Date and Time , Citation: Zhengming Wan - University of California Santa Barbara, Simon Hook, Glynn Hulley - JPL and MODAPS SIPS - NASA. (2015). MYD11A1 MODIS/Aqua Land Surface Temperature and the Emissivity Daily L3 Global 1km SIN Grid. NASA LP DAAC. , Keywords: Climate Change, Land Surface Temperature, Emissivity, Fires

Citable as:  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (2021): MYD11A1 - MODIS/Aqua Land Surface Temperature/Emissivity Daily L3 Global 1km SIN Grid. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, date of citation.
Abbreviation: MYD11A1
Keywords: Climate Change, Land Surface Temperature, Emissivity, Fires


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Output Description


  • var_id: Emis_31
  • long_name: Band 31 emissivity
  • var_id: Emis_32
  • long_name: Band 32 emissivity
  • units: K
  • var_id: LST_Day_1km
  • long_name: Daily daytime 1km grid Land-surface Temperature
  • units: K
  • var_id: LST_Night_1km
  • long_name: Daily nighttime 1km grid Land-surface Temperature
  • var_id: QC_Day
  • long_name: Quality control for daytime LST and emissivity
  • var_id: QC_Night
  • long_name: Quality control for nighttime LST and emissivity
  • units: hrs
  • var_id: Day_view_time
  • long_name: Time of daytime Land-surface Temperature observation
  • units: hrs
  • var_id: Night_view_time
  • long_name: Time of nighttime Land-surface Temperature observation
  • units: deg
  • var_id: Day_view_angl
  • long_name: View zenith angle of daytime Land-surface Temperature
  • units: deg
  • var_id: Night_view_angl
  • long_name: View zenith angle of nighttime Land-surface Temperature
  • var_id: Clear_day_cov
  • long_name: day clear-sky coverage
  • var_id: Clear_night_cov
  • long_name: night clear-sky coverage

Co-ordinate Variables

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