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Gibraltar North Point station

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Gibraltar North Front weather station (WMO ID: 08495) contains a high-resolution radiosonde station and ceilometer instrument. The station is located 3 m above mean sea level in Gibraltar, a UK territory. Meteorological observations are recorded on a 24 hr basis, linking the station to the synoptic network of the Met Office Meteorological Service. More information can be found in the linked documents.

Site WIGOS id: 0-20000-0-08495. See online documentation for link to station details in the Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review (OSCAR) Tool.

Abbreviation: gibraltar, 08495, 0-20000-0-08495
Keywords: Met Office, surface meteorology, upper air, radiosonde, ceilometer

keywords:      Met Office, surface meteorology, upper air, radiosonde, ceilometer
platformType:      land_station
location:      GeographicBoundingBox: Gibraltar North Point station
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