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Shadowgraph visualisations of density-stratified turbulence obtained in an inclined duct experiment

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Latest Data Update: 2023-11-28
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Laboratory experiments are used to create salt-stratified turbulence via exchange flow through a long tilted duct (L=2000, H=50, W=100 mm) connecting two large reservoirs (400 litres each) containing saltwater at different densities. This setup allows the study of various turbulent mixing processes responsible for transporting mass and momentum in stratified fluid systems like the oceans.
The data consist of shadowgraph visualisations, where parallel light is shined through the flow and projected on a semi transparent screen, where it is recorded by a video camera. Movies shows the evolution of density (salinity) contrasts in the flow, including the formation and break up of density interfaces, as well as scouring and overturning behaviours.
A total of 113 movies are made available, each corresponding to a distinct experiment, and collectively covering a two-dimensional parameter space (Reynolds number and tilt angle) where a variety of turbulent behaviours are found.

Citable as:  Jiang, X.; Kong, G.; Lefauve, A. (9999): Shadowgraph visualisations of density-stratified turbulence obtained in an inclined duct experiment. NERC British Oceanographic Data Centre, date of citation.
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Keywords: ocean turbulence, stratified turbulence, mixing, shadowgraph, laboratory experiment


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Experiments were carried out between January and March 2022 in the G. K. Batchelor Laboratory, selected and post-processed later in 2022 to form the current dataset, which formed the basis of a publication. The dataset was then submitted to the data centre in late 2023 for reuse by the community.

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