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Advanced GC-MS technology for observing OVOCs and NMHCs in the polluted troposphere

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Advanced GC-MS technology for observing OVOCs and NMHCs in the polluted troposphere was a NERC Polluted Troposphere Research project (Round 1 - NER/T/S/2002/00151 - Duration 2002 - 2005) and was led by DR D Shallcross, University of Bristol

The aims of this project were:

-To develop new methods for routine observations of the oxygenated VOCs concentrations in air based on advanced GC-MS technology.
-Specifically targeted OVOCs which included methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol, methyl butenol (MBO), acetone, butanone, 3-methyl furan, acrolein, mathacrolein, methyl vinyl ketone and the C2 to C6 aldehydes.
-Survey for new OVOCs in the VOCs sample matrix. In collaboration with Leeds, participation in the TORCH 2004 field campaign.
-Obtain parallel measurements for as many NMHCs as can be resolved and deconvoluted by GC-MS techniques. Key species included isoprene, 1,3-butadiene, benzene and toluene together with the n- and iso- C2 to C6 alkanes.
-From the resolved OVOCs and NMHC measurements investigation was made into hydrocarbon degradation products in air of different photochemical age and origin.

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Keywords: Polluted Troposphere, OVOCs, NMHCS, Chemistry


Keywords: Polluted Troposphere, OVOCs, NMHCS, Chemistry
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