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ESA Sea Level Climate Change Initiative (Sea_Level_cci): Time series of gridded Sea Level Anomalies (SLA), Version 1.1

Latest Data Update: 2016-03-08
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2016-03-08
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Dataset Size: 528 Files | 1GB


As part of the European Space Agency's (ESA) Sea Level Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project, a multi-satellite merged time series of monthly gridded Sea Level Anomalies (SLA) has been produced from satellite altimeter measurements. The Sea Level Anomaly grids have been calculated after merging the altimetry mission measurements together into monthly grids, with a spatial resolution of 0.25 degrees. This version of the product is Version 1.1.

The following DOI can be used to reference the monthly Sea Level Anomaly product: DOI: 10.5270/esa-sea_level_cci-MSLA-1993_2014-v_1.1-201512

The complete collection of v1.1 products from the Sea Level CCI project can be referenced using the following DOI:10.5270/esa-sea_level_cci-1993_2014-v_1.1-201512.

When using or referring to the Sea Level cci products, please mention the associated DOIs and also use the following citation where a detailed description of the Sea Level_cci project and products can be found:

Ablain, M., Cazenave, A., Larnicol, G., Balmaseda, M., Cipollini, P., Faugère, Y., Fernandes, M. J., Henry, O., Johannessen, J. A., Knudsen, P., Andersen, O., Legeais, J., Meyssignac, B., Picot, N., Roca, M., Rudenko, S., Scharffenberg, M. G., Stammer, D., Timms, G., and Benveniste, J.: Improved sea level record over the satellite altimetry era (1993–2010) from the Climate Change Initiative project, Ocean Sci., 11, 67-82, doi:10.5194/os-11-67-2015, 2015.

For further information on the Sea Level CCI products, and to register for these projects please email:

Citable as:  ESA Sea Level CCI project team (2016): ESA Sea Level Climate Change Initiative (Sea_Level_cci): Time series of gridded Sea Level Anomalies (SLA), Version 1.1. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: ESA CCI, SLA


Previous Info:

2017-01-24 A newer version (v2.0) of this dataset has now been released. This is available from… Show More 2017-01-24 A newer version (v2.0) of this dataset has now been released. This is available from Show Less

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Data lineage:

Data was produced by the ESA SL CCI team and was transferred to CEDA as part of the ESA CCI Open Data Portal project.

File Format:
ECV products are stored using the NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) format and CF (Climate and Forecast) metadata conventions

Process overview

  • units: m
  • long_name: Monthly sea level anomalies
  • standard_name: sea_surface_height_above_sea_level
  • var_id: sla
  • names: sea_surface_height_above_sea_level, Monthly sea level anomalies
  • var_id: date_bounds

Co-ordinate Variables

  • units: degrees_north
  • standard_name: latitude
  • var_id: lat
  • long_name: Latitude
  • names: latitude, Latitude
  • units: degrees_east
  • standard_name: longitude
  • var_id: lon
  • long_name: Longitude
  • names: longitude, Longitude
  • long_name: time
  • standard_name: time
  • var_id: time
  • names: time
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent

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