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Dataset Collection


QPENSO: HadCM3 model simulations output collection

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Model simulations undertaken by the Quantifying variability of the El Nino Southern Oscillation on adaptation-relevant time scales using a novel palaeodata-modelling approach (QPENSO) project. These are coupled ocean-atmosphere experiments with a modified version of the HadCM3 (UM version 4.5) climate model. The model has been modified to include stable isotopes of oxygen in both the ocean and atmosphere sub-models, after Tindall et al., 2009. The simulations are grouped into two experiments: 1) 'picontrol', comprising a single 750 year duration unforced pre-industrial boundary condition simulation; 2) 'forced', comprising a suite of six historical simulations of the interval 1160-1360 AD and including changes in solar, volcanic and greenhouse gas forcing. The six simulations represent an initial-condition ensemble over this interval.
This project was funded by NERC under grant NE/H009957/1.

Citable as:Tudhope, A.; Russon, T.; Hegerl, G.C.; Collins, M.; Tundhope, A.W. (2013): QPENSO: HadCM3 model simulations output collection. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: rm2010-QPENSO
Keywords: NERC, QPENSO, el nino, ENSO, paleo, model, picontrol, simulation, oxygen

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