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FIDUCEO project AVHRR for HIRS to SLSTR gap period FCDR

Status: Planned
Publication State: Working
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FIDUCEO brings insights from metrology (measurement science) to the observation of Earth’s climate from space.

New versions of four key Fundamental Climate Data Records (FCDRs) will be created that include state-of-the-art information about observational uncertainty. We will demonstrate how to propagate that information to derived geophysical datasets — i.e., five important climate data records (CDRs) will be developed with traceable uncertainty and stability estimates.

Citable as:   (9999): FIDUCEO project AVHRR for HIRS to SLSTR gap period FCDR. Unknown publisher, date of citation.
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Keywords: unertainty


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Supplied to CEDA for archival by Tim Trent of the University of Leicester on behalf of the H2020 FIDUCEO project

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Data was dowloaded from the NOAA class archive and contains quality metricsdescribed in the documentation. It was then provide to CEDA byby fiduceo project team
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