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The Disdrometer Verification Network (DiVeN)

Status: completed
Publication State: published


The Disdrometer Verification Network (DiVeN) project began in in February 2017, installing a network of 14 Thies Laser Precipitation Monitors (LPMs) at various locations around the United Kingdom. The purpose of DiVeN was to provide verification of radar hydrometeor classification algorithms, though the data from the instruments are valuable for a much wider use in the scientific and operational meteorological community.

The work of DiVeN was funded within the NERC funded 'Evaluation of 3D dual-polarised radar-based hydrometeor classification algorithms over the UK' project (grant_number: NE/N008359/1).

Abbreviation: diven
Keywords: disdrometer, network


Keywords: disdrometer, network
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