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UK Universities' Global Atmospheric Modelling Programme (UGAMP)

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The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) support fundamental research in all areas of atmospheric science carried out by the university based research community. UGAMP (UK Universities' Global Atmospheric Modelling Programme) funded by NERC, helped to strengthen the role of the UK universities in the vital area of numerical modelling of the large scale atmosphere.

UGAMP has allowed UK university groups to lead developments in many areas of atmospheric science such as storm-tracks, monsoons and ozone loss, and to play an important part in international scientific programmes. By establishing close working relationships with two of the World's leading weather centres, ECMWF and the UK Meteorological Office, UGAMP has been able to take full advantage of their modelling developments and has enjoyed the additional benefit of access to the best available atmospheric data sets. UGAMP continues to deliver excellence in research, excellence in technical support and excellence in training for young scientists.

UGAMP has close links to many UK and International organisations, including:

United Kingdom Meteorological Office
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
British Antarctic Survey
British Atmospheric Data Centre
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Environmental Science Systems Centre (formerly NUTIS)
Upper Troposphere Lower Stratosphere Ozone Scientific Research Programme (UTLS)
Climatic Research Unit
Leeds University , School of Chemistry
Leicester University , Earth Observation Science group
Southampton Oceanography Centre
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Météo France

Abbreviation: UGAMP
Keywords: UGAMp, Model, Climate, ozone

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